The main goals of KACSO are as follows:

  1. To support international communities, stake holders and donors’ environment in terms of achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by mobilizing and managing funds, financial resources and technical capabilities, through designing and implementing sustainable and priority projects for Afghan vulnerable groups and communities.
  2. To support Afghanistan Government in terms of its commitments to development and priority needs, considering the relevant sectors, indicators and pillars of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS)
  3. To develop vulnerable communities through implementing multi sectoral projects, to target the right group of beneficiaries and to develop the human capital.


Overall objectives of KACSO would be divided in to 6 main sectors:

  1. Women Empowerment/Gender Equality: as women are the most vulnerable group of society, KACSO would like to promote women from different respects of social, economical and cultural, in order to prevent discrimination, violence against women, and promote gender equality at the community level, through designing and implementing gender responsiveness projects.
  2. Vocational Training: this is a very important area, which KACSO would like to work on; in order to achieve its vision, mission and goals. In this sector KACSO would like to prioritize vocational skill for community people, especially women to promote their economic status, considering the relevant training methodologies, markets of the vocational skill, market of products, through designing proper exit strategy.
  3. Advocacy/Awareness: is another objective of KACSO to promote the knowledge of community people through providing relevant awareness campaigns in different areas such as Civic Educations, Rights Advocacy, and Health related Campaigns i-e HIV Aids, and knowledge raising projects.
  4. Literacy/Education: KACSO would like to eradicate illiteracy through providing basic literacy, and education projects for different beneficiary groups, especially vulnerable community girls, women and children who did not have the opportunity to gain literacy and education.
  5. Livelihood/Agriculture: KACSO would like to promote the agriculture field through providing agricultural training &livelihood development projects, in order to eradicate poverty, and sustainable economic empowerments.
  6. Health/Hygiene: KACSO would also like to provide health and hygiene related trainings, and to promote health/hygiene norms and standards, at the community level