Mohammad Taqi Delsoz

Head of Organization

Mr Mohammad Taqi Delsoz was born in Sangtakht district of Daikundi province of Afghanistan on 1987, he is growth in a community one of the most persecuted minorities and deprived in the country. Mr Delsoz received his Bachelor degree in 2014 from Herat- Afghanistan and received his Master in 2018 from Kabul- Afghanistan. He has 12 years’ experience in different sectors, and ownership of Meraj Private High school/Groups During several decades of continuous wars and conflicts, the social, economic and political structure of Afghanistan was fully demolished, afghan citizens were forced to immigrate, education and infrastructure systems were destroyed, women were prevented to educate, and have access to their basic rights and benefits, and certain other relevant factors back warded Afghanistan from development processes. After 2001, the international community, Afghanistan government and Afghan citizens realized the gaps from different respects, and mobilized funds and managed resources to start development processes in multi-sectors. Considering the above mentioned, gaps and lacks, during this period Mr Delsoz with a group of Afghan youths established a local Non- government organization by the name of KACSO to support International community in terms of implementing development projects through mobilizing and managing international funds and grants, and to support the Afghanistan government in terms of its strategies and commitment to different development sector and take active part for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.    

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